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Dolores Park Community Meeting

In Community, Crime, Dogs, Dolores Park on August 18, 2010 at 2:58 pm

MissionLoc@l reports that Dolores Park Works will host a community meet-up to talk about the recent burst of crime and police in Dolores. Also to be discussed, the need for a stop sign at 19th and Dolores.

Dolores Park Community Meeting – Mission Loc@l — San Francisco Mission District’s News, Food, Art and Events.

  1. Why is nobody bringing up the fact that permanent vendors are going into Dolores Park. We are not Golden Gate Park. It is one thing to bring a small grass roots business around, it is another to bring a company like Blue Bottle that has gone nation wide and is slowly becoming the new “Starbucks.” I don’t know much about La Cocina accept the guy wants 4 cars surrounding the park. Has anyone addressed the impact it will have on the surrounding businesses on the park and all that these businesses have done to create Dolores Park what it is today?
    Does anyone from Parks and Rec live in our neighborhood and realize the enormous influx of graffiti on homes and businesses, no parking, the smell of urine on buildings and homes, trash, escalating crime? Are they prepared to take care of these issues as well or simply bring in more of a cottage industry for only their needs. We are a neighborhood park.

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