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Bike Polo Shut Down by Rangers

In bicycles, Community, Dolores Park, Scenes, Sports on January 13, 2010 at 3:12 pm

The regular Monday night hard court bike polo game at the Dolores park tennis courts was busted last this week with what can only be described as an over reaction. This is a sport not a criminal activity. Lets let “Polo Joel” of San Francisco Bike Polo tell the story.

Three rangers and two cops showed up last night to issue five tickets and end our night. My citation reads “Permit requirement. Unauthorized athletic activity.” Their leader told us it was a $103 fine.

We were told someone complained. There were three empty tennis courts at the time. We were having a fine night with a fairly steady stream of spectators.

Sounds like this will net us a meeting with the elected district city supervisor. The sup. is trying to find the appropriate R&P person to join our discussion. Ruckus had been trying to get a meeting for a couple months with no success.

This fast moving game is fun to watch and was being held right on the corner of 18th and Church.

  1. i agree that we should let the bike polo players continue to use the one court in dolores park. it is an amazing game to watch being played and the folks playing it are not only skilled on the court but quite decent individuals off the court. they take care of that one tennis court which, given the times the bike polo players seem to be out, is not being used anyway (the other tennis courts being available just in case). what better park for the bike polo players to have their regular games than dolores park? the game consistently has people either sitting on the grassy knoll watching the polo matches or up by the 18th street fence side. it would be just criminal if the bike polo players were forced out of our park because of either an over-zealous, uncompromising ranger or a local who was exercising their antipathy toward the bike polo players by calling in bogus, constant complaints. stifling creative, exciting and new sports activities should not be the legacy of dolores park. i live at church and liberty and i think having them in the park is is a win-win for all of us.

  2. As a single father, a small business owner and a Bike Polo player in San Francisco I should like to thank everyone for their untrue negative comments and wishes to oust us from Dolores Park. I feel even cooler now and a definite step or two above on the evoloutionary.

  3. What’s the problem? They’re not hurting anyone, plus they’re all super cute.

  4. You guys need a bigger court anyway.

  5. I live on the corner of 18th and Church (above Lilah Belle’s) and have come to enjoy seeing the regular bike polo games from my window and often stop to watch for a few minutes as I walk my dog at night. I can’t imagine why anyone would complain about the game. It can’t be for reason of wanting to use that court, that court is often used for other games and activities besides tennis. I’ve never felt as if there was a problem with noise from the game. After all, the J Church line is the loudest thing going on that corner.

    Anyways, long story short, I saw the Rangers talking to some of the players that night and I had hoped that something like this (fines or citations or whatever) wasn’t happening. It’s a shame really. The game has my support. The city has much bigger problems it should be worrying about.

  6. As a frequent tourist to San Francisco from Portland, I look forward to engaging in a variety of bike sub-cultures. The bike polo players I have meet over the past years are kind noble. Let them play!

  7. I suppose they’ve ended crime in the Tenderloin and Hunter’s Point if they’re sending in the police to stop the cyclists from knocking a ball around. Either that, or bike polo must have some new rules forcing the players to eat babies before a match?

  8. To the Bike Polo Players: Organize and we will support your right to play! There is too much red tape in this City!! arg!

  9. I was watching the night of the ‘bust’. Just ridiculous. I was pretty impressed at how composed all the players were…seriously…I woulda flipped out. It made no sense at all…unless, of courrse, you take into account petty, jealous nimby’s and cops and rangers who can’t take any responsibility… maybe it does make sense.

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