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Moving Truck Jumps Blocks, Goes Wild

In Community, Dolores Heights on August 13, 2009 at 12:47 pm










Shortly after 11:30 this morning a Corrib moving van rolled over the chuck blocks under its wheels and began an uncontrolled decent down Hill Street towards Church, crashing into the garage doors of 947 Church Street. No one  was hurt. The driver and two helper jumped from the truck before impact, and no one from the home was injured.  There may have been no one at home.







A supervisor from Corrib Moving and Storage  told us that they were working on a job near the corner of Sanchez Street  and Hill when his driver lost control of the vehicle , it rolled back,  hit a wall and began its decent down Hill Street head first toward busy Church Street. IMG_0561IMG_0565

 Pam Hemphill, a resident of Hill street and president of the Dolores Heights Improvement Club said this is not the first time trucks have run into trouble on the hill. She has also heard of  a debris box and a back hoe getting lose on the steep slope.  ” Trucks need special instructions when working on the hill” ,  Pam told us.



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