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Crisp, Clear and Mellow for Dolores Movie Night

In Community, Crime, Dolores Park, Scenes on August 13, 2009 at 10:14 pm

Finally it’s fog free and beautiful for Dolores Park’s smaller and more intimate film night, Dolores Park Movie Night (every second Thursday of the month). I took a turn through the park at 9 pm and the scene was very quiet. Anni Hall was on the screen and she had just sparked up a fatty and was trying to smoke out Woody. This was a cue that many in the crowd could not ignore. 

Behind the stage, in the childrens playground, a very carfully organized and monitored Bike Valet held about a hundred of the Missions finest bikes. Further up the path I ran into four foot patrol cops from Mission Station, walking and chatting. “How it going? A quiet night?” , I ask. They told me that they had run into some suspicious characters .  I guess it was not all quiet and mellow. The cops said that lately they come through every night. Usually on foot. Sometimes driving the cruiser, and enforce the 10pm curfew. The drinking has to end sometime.  


The Cops also explained to me that they regarded  the film nights as mixed blessings. Yes,  events did bring a mostly good crowd , which helped to make the park enviornment feel safe. But , these events had also brought in dweebs who got a little too drunk and disordelly.  And, maybe more serious, petty criminals have  also drifted in with the crowds. Muggings and robberies are not unknown.  

So, maybe I was felling a little less safe. But these beat cops were doing a good job and we, as we walk and sit in the park, needed to be vigilant and help each other out.  Keep 911 on speed dial and pay attention. Let’s take care of each other.


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