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Hipster Hill Hell

In bicycles, Community, Dolores Park, Mission Dolores, Scenes on August 11, 2009 at 5:01 pm

Monica, over at Broke-ass Stewart’s hilarious yet some how helpful web-site, has done her bit to update us on what is the latest in proper behavior when visiting Dolores Park.

 Yes, this year has brought us a  big upsurge in the crowds on Hipster Hill.  First charmed, (ain’t they cute) then perplexed, now frightened and worried, those of us that live near Dolores and have depended on this little isle of green for our sanity,are now in danger of going a little mad. We remember tales of when Haight Street made it to the cover of Time magazine. And a song hit number 1 with lines about sticking flowers in your hair a hitchhiking out to “the coast”.  Are we in for another Summer of Love followed by several years of hell. Or do we just have a little up tick in Bridge and Tunnel  fun seekers and summer school lay-abouts. Time will tell. In the mean time, take a ganger at Monica’s excellent undercover reporting and prepare for the future.


 photo from by way of Broke-ass Stewart

photo from by way of Broke-ass Stewart



Note: to my more serious readers, if I have readers, Monica’s piece is satire.


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