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Rangers and Cops Confront Rogue Fest

In bicycles, Community, Scenes on June 21, 2009 at 1:26 pm

It looked like a very mellow scene at the “non-permitted” Bicycle Music Festival in Dolores yesterday, as pics from Kevin Montgomery of MissionMission show.  Correction: Bicycle Music Festival’s tweets tell the whole story.  They are greeted by SF Park Rangers in Golden Gate Park at 10:30 am and told to leave and chased out of Dolores in the afternoon. Finally getting to play at 6:30 pm in Dolores for a couple of hours. But as Kevin reported, It seemed OK to play Music while in the streets.

Rangers and Cops Confront Rogue Fest

SF Rangers and Cops Negotiate Deal for Run Festival Out

The Bicycle Music Festival announced via there web page and posters they were coming to Dolores Park, yet no permits were pulled.  SF Park Rangers and Mission Station Police were there to great them.  Kevin reported they were allowed to use the Movie Night in the Park permit.  Nice work!  And the show went on. At least for a couple of hours.

Maybe we can have more then one event happening in the park at once.


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