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Goldfinger Opens Film Night in the Park

In Up Coming Events on June 17, 2009 at 2:40 pm

Film Night in the Park 2009 opens this Saturday in Dolores Park with a screening of the 1964 James Bond classic, Goldfinger.
Film Night in the Park is San Francisco’s city wide outdoor film series. It has excellent corporate sponsorship, (its main sponsor this year is Xbox360) and is produced by the San Francisco Neighborhood Theater Foundation. A group dedicated to keeping film and the city’s historic theaters alive.  Last year’s Dolores Park showing of  the John Hughes 80’s  teen  fav, Sixteen Candles drew a massive crowd.  This year in Dolores, Hughes’ Pretty in Pink will screen August 1 and The Dark Knight September 19.

Judd Nelson, the San Francisco Skyline and me (fourth row on the isle)

Judd Nelson and the San Francisco Skyline

Other parks that will host Film Night this year are Union Square and Washington Square. July 11 it’s Union Square with Manhattan (1979) and on August 22, On the Waterfront (1952). Washington Square Park will have Slumdog Millionaire on October 3.

  1. Is there anyone out there that can help me track down the Film shown in mid June 2009? I’ve narrowed it down and it was shown on or before June 13th, 2009. It was at Dolores Park and was an (independent?) animated movie about a Princess. I can try to cough up more memories if needed, but that’s the basic info I can remember solidly.

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