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Park is Hot Spot for the New Street Food

In Food, Mission Dolores, Scenes on June 3, 2009 at 3:31 pm

San Francisco is a town bursting with young talent. We have been known almost from our inception as a place where geniuses in the visual, performing and musical arts could setup camp on a street corner and go at it.  This universal impulse to to find an audience and pay the rent is of course not  lacking in young chefs.  Now, along with the jingling of the Mexican Ice  guys and the Tamale Lady, we have a swarm of New Mission Street Food vendors roving the Mission and Dolores Park

The idea of  premium quality and original street food was launched last year by the first Mission Street Food. They have since move the operation indoors to 2234 Mission Street. ( Open Thursday and Saturday only, at 6 pm, no reservations), and are just as popular as ever.

Mission Street Food’s success has inspired a squadron of imitators. Not that we a complaining.  This was an idea in search of its genius. This Summer you should be on the look out for Magic Curry Cart, Sexy Soup Cart, Cream Brulee Man, Amuse Bouche and, as of last count,  the Ice Cream Cookie Wag and Pie Bicycle.  Promo for this reinvention of the ancient street cart has gone viral, with tweets quicly replacing blogs for up to the second news on when and where you can find a street treat.  And news of the new nibbles is being reported in the Chronicle and dissed in Eater SF.

I for one think this is all great.  I am going to try as many of the new vendors as time and gut will allow and report back. It is up to us to keep them honest. We will demand great quality food, safely prepared and at a fair price. Let a thousand street carts bloom.

Do you have a favorite cart?  Should the park’s venders have permits?


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