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Not a Street Fair

In Community, Mission Dolores, Scenes, Up Coming Events on June 1, 2009 at 1:54 pm

An idea that is designed to connect neighborhoods, help local businesses, encourage physical exercise and promote a less car crazed city is ready to take over The Mission.  Though we a calling the Sunday Streets idea an experiment, it is not new. It’s in its second year in the City and was first tried in Bogata, Colombia in 1976 where it is now an institution. They call it Ciclovia and it takes over 70 miles of street every Sunday. 


The Ciclovia idea started to take off in the states last year with major closings in NYC, Chicago, Portland and Miami.  Next Sunday’s closings in The Mission will however, take the Ciclovia idea into a dense urban San Francisco neighborhood for the first time. 

 At a lightly attended neighborhoodmeeting last month at the Brava Theatre on 24th, organizers from the Mayors Office and reps from Sunday Streets and Livable City said they were going to make this “very much a local, native San Francisco event.”  As is the case with previous Sunday Streets they are expecting  runners, bicyclists, skateboarders to take over the street (Recreational Asphalt they called it), but they are also counting on the Mission to come out in force. Shop owners are encouraged to set up tables on the sidewalk and local performing arts groups have been offered space. Organizers say they are looking  for an outpouring of  “all of what Mission District culture has to offer. ” Look out!!

Susan King, coordinator of  Sunday Streets, says she is planning for 20,00o0 to come out and will provide an appropriate number of Porto Potties and trash cans.  “People are exhausted by all the big events rolling through”, she told us. She promised this will not be a Street Fair or an “outside” event, but will be by and for us.

Sunday Streets, The Mission is  June 7, 10 am to 2 pm.  No parking along the route starting at dawn. Streets will re-open promptly at 2 pm. The full map is here.


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